Speaker ~ Writer ~ Worshipper

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! I am glad you found me.

What is my focus/What is the purpose of my website? How am I hoping to help people? What do I offer?

1) To tell my personal story. Why? Because many will be able to relate, as statistics say that one in three women and one in six males have been sexually abused, and I am one of those unfortunate stats. It’s my desire through sharing my story, that other’s are empowered and released to find hope and healing as I have.

I love what Bill Johnson teaches regarding the Power of Testimony (sharing story):

“ … The word testimony in the Hebrew, … comes from a root word, which means, ‘Do again.’ So every time a testimony is spoken it comes with it God’s covenant to repeat the miracle. So the reason we share the testimony is because we want to create the atmosphere for the miracle to be duplicated.

…When you speak the truth you actually are releasing the Spirit of God to transform a person. If you speak out of your experience you are not just giving information you are giving the power for transformation.”

As I have allowed God to transform me from a victim to a victor, I came to establish my life purpose statement (through much prayer and life coaching), which states:

I am the war-song woman who calls forth deep liberty.”

War-songs basically were sung when going into battle as declarations and when coming home as victory songs. Life can be a battle (it’s hard and painful). It is my desire to use my voice to testify that there is deep inner healing from life’s wounds; I have experienced so much healing through my life in Christ and I invite you to find out how you can as well, as you watch my videos and read my blogs and explore my site.

2) To provide resources. You may be one who has experienced the pain of abuse personally or know someone who has – but we all have been touched in some way but it’s horrible effects. We are not alone in our pain. I want to also note, that we are not alone in our healing. I desire to be intentional to provide resources and information that has personally helped myself, and other’s I know, through our healing journey’s. I realized that one of the hurdles I had to overcome was finding help that I needed, when I needed it.  So make sure to look at my resources page.

3) To offer my self as a speaker and a writer and a worshipper that inspires by, “Sheren With You Through Story.”  Visit my contact page.

“Crystal brings so much passion and energy to a presentation, and her audience can’t help but fall in love – both with Crystal and with the God she represents so well!”  

Shannon Ethridge, M.A., Certified Life Coach, International Speaker, & Author of 19 books including the best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series